Best Bluetooth Speakers in 2019

The dental speaker allows you to enjoy the music anytime, anywhere, at home or while driving. Now there are a variety of products from sony, Bose, Anker and other brands on the market. You can choose the Bluetooth speaker that suits you best and enrich your daily life.

This time, we will recommend several Bluetooth speakers and provide you with a few points to purchase Bluetooth speakers, which you can refer to when purchasing.

How to choose a Bluetooth speaker

So, what criteria should we follow to pick a Bluetooth speaker that suits you? We have summarized some purchase suggestions from the scenes that emphasize sound quality and use, let’s take a look!

If you’re lookin for great sound quality
If you want to buy a good bluetooth speaker, sound quality is one of the most important selection criteria. We recommend that you review the device’s “Supported devices and audio”, “If there are passive radiators”, “Watts” and other parameters.

Whether to support audio in AAC format or higher

Bluetooth speakers mainly rely on devices such as mobile phones to transmit music through Bluetooth signals, and music has different formats, such as SBC, AAC, etc. The order of sound quality is SBC<AAC<apt-X<LDAC.

Therefore, if you pay attention to the sound quality when listening to music, please choose a Bluetooth speaker that supports sound quality higher than AAC format files. Of course, you also need to consider whether the device you are using supports the file format you want to use.

Passive radiator is a function that enhances the effect of heavy bass through air vibration. If you want a subwoofer Bluetooth speaker, you can choose the model with this device, I believe that the subwoofer can let you experience more powerful music.

Volume and subwoofer effect to see wattage, outdoor use recommended 20W+
Volume and subwoofer effect to see wattage, outdoor use recommended 20W+

You can judge the “volume” and “subwoofer effect” of this speaker by the wattage of the Bluetooth speaker. The larger the wattage, the louder the volume and the stronger the bass effect. If the Bluetooth sound wattage is less than 1 watt, there is almost no bass effect. A 5 to 15 watt speaker can be used as a primary source in a small space and has a relatively heavy bass effect.

If you want to buy a Bluetooth speaker that can be used in Livehouse or outdoors, we recommend you buy a model with a wattage of 20 or higher.

Stereo speakers are more powerful and prevent breaks

Speakers can generally be divided into “mono speaker” and “stereo speaker”. Stereo speakers generally have multiple speakers, although the price is relatively high, but in general, stereo speakers can bring better sound quality and cool stereo effects.

Select features and specifications based on usage scenarios
The functions and specifications required are naturally different depending on the route of use. Here are a few key points to choose the Bluetooth speaker that’s right for you.

Waterproof and dustproof functions are generally expressed in IP plus two numbers. The first number represents the dust rating and the second number represents the waterproof rating. For example, “IPX5” means that this Bluetooth speaker is not dust-proof and has a waterproof rating of 5. “IP56” means that the Bluetooth speaker has a dustproof effect of 5 and a waterproof effect of 6.

The battery capacity of the mobile speaker is ideal in 7~8 hours, which can guarantee long-term use and the charging time is not too long. If you need to use it where there is no power, we recommend that you carry a large capacity mobile power supply.

If you are mainly using it outdoors, we recommend that you choose a product that is waterproof. IPX4 stands for use in light rain and IPX5 stands for life waterproofing. And if you plan to use it by the river, by the sea or on the beach, we recommend that you purchase a product that is dust-proof at the same time, preferably at a level greater than IP5X.

The higher the number of Bluetooth versions, the higher the performance. The number of versions will not affect your normal use, but we recommend that you purchase a higher version of the Bluetooth speaker for a better experience.

In addition to the above main functions, some Bluetooth speakers also support “NFC function”, that is, Bluetooth connection by touch. You only need to turn this feature on, Bluetooth speakers can automatically find a specific level of equipment, and achieve automatic pairing connection, more convenient than the general Bluetooth connection.

In addition, some Bluetooth speakers also have special functions such as “impact resistance” and “adjust volume function”. You can choose according to your preferences and usage.

Top Ten Bluetooth Speakers Recommended Leaderboards
The following is finally the highlight! We will recommend ten Bluetooth speakers based on the purchase points just introduced, including high-end brand-name to high-cost products. I hope you can refer to it!

Powerful bass, stereo performance!
The Bose’s SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth speaker uses a dual-speaker + dual-passive film technology to dramatically improve the low-frequency performance of the sound, allowing the original compact speaker to be full, thick, yet clear and high-frequency. Full-time performance, friends who pay attention to sound quality must not miss it!

However, the fly in the ointment is that this speaker is not waterproof and dustproof, and the overall weight has reached 1350g, which is biased in the field of portable miniature speakers. However, it is precisely because the fuselage has a certain weight, plus a thick rubber base at the bottom of the speaker, even a large sound, a very strong low frequency will not run on the table.

Portable size for sound quality breakthrough
If you say that small speakers have always been limited by the size, it is difficult to have excellent sound quality. Then this Philips speaker can be said to achieve a decisive breakthrough in the real portable volume. Although the appearance is small, the built-in high-quality speaker reaches 1.5 inches, so the sound range is wide and the bass is full.

In addition, when you are camping on a picnic, do you especially want to have a speaker, enjoy your favorite music while you are happy? This speaker has IPX4 waterproof drops and a slight anti-drop and shockproof function, so you can use it on the road.

Colorful match, love music and love value!
Want to pick a bluetooth speaker, but don’t like the color monotonous, want to play new ideas? This speaker has a total of 8 colors, I believe that you will find the right color for you!

This speaker adopts the mainstream Bluetooth 4.1 technology, which has high transmission efficiency, strong signal anti-interference and stable playback effect. Although it is a Bluetooth speaker, it can be connected via a 3.5mm audio interface, so devices without Bluetooth can still be used, giving you more choices.Huawei/HUAWEI Glory Musical Little Arena AM51

A small giant with a huge energy

Do not look at this speaker is only the size of the palm, but in the super cost-effective but at the same time has the strength not inferior to the big speaker. The high power of 3.5W guarantees the volume, and the waterproof ability reaches IPX5. Life waterproofing is no problem, although you can take it into the damp environment such as bathroom and water.

The body has a special volume adjustment and Bluetooth button, press and hold for 2 seconds to open the Bluetooth recognition, even if it is hanging on the shoulder bag, you can also operate with one hand after familiarity. The special lanyard is subjected to a tensile test. Whether you are hanging on a backpack or wanting to hang it in the car for a call, you can use it with peace of mind. However, this speaker is a single speaker, and there is no button to switch songs on the body. Friends who want to enjoy stereo or frequent songs need to think about it before deciding.

Sony Dafa has a long battery life, only for long-term companionship
Need to use it for a long time or not too lazy to charge? The biggest feature of this Sony speaker is to support a long battery life of about 16 hours, to help you get rid of the trouble of frequent charging, it can be said that the heavy user’s gospel.

At the same time, the NFC near field communication function supports one-touch connection, so you can listen and listen, no need to spend time connecting to paired Bluetooth devices. It’s just a mono speaker. You can’t enjoy stereo sound with just one device. You need to combine two wireless speakers to get stereo sound.

Outstanding sound with dazzling lights, party time

Sony speakers have always had a good reputation in the circle of electronic enthusiasts, this speaker can also be regarded as a piece of the Sony product. This Bluetooth speaker supports Sony’s EXTRA BASS effect, with a monochrome line on the edge, which has a cool lighting effect while playing music.

Not only that, but it also features the wireless Party Chain mode, you can connect up to more than 10 wireless speakers, and keep the music and lighting rhythm consistent, let you open the party mode with one button! At the same time, 12 hours of long-term battery life allows you to enjoy the sky, the voice feedback function will automatically report when the battery is low, my mother no longer knows that I forgot to charge!

Colorful music cube
Don’t look at it as a small key chain, but with 10W output power. If you are only using it in a large enclosed room, I believe you don’t need to turn the volume to the maximum. With the one-touch NFC feature, you can also pair two SRS-X11s together to make it a stereo Bluetooth speaker.

With the included fashion hook, you can hang it on your backpack or bicycle, or put it in the car for hands-free calling. The buttons are concentrated on one side of the cube, allowing you to adjust the volume and make a call with one click. When not in use, it is a small fashion pendant. After pairing, it instantly transforms into a great energy music artifact!

It can be used without pairing, and the appearance is beautiful.
The size of this bluetooth speaker is like a delicate pencil case, which is very convenient to carry. Its biggest feature is to support SD card, just add your favorite music in the SD card, plug in the speaker, you can play music without connecting the device. It doesn’t require complicated Bluetooth pairing, it is suitable for people of all ages, and it is also very suitable for mom and dad.

8 hours of playing time, enough for you to start a pleasant music journey, while supporting hands-free calling, colorful, there is always a favorite.

Voice guidance, complex pairing is simple
The tapered shape is matched with a practical handle, and the cute look is like a small, thick kettle. In addition to the stylish appearance, this speaker also has 360° omnidirectional sound, and supports voice prompts to guide you to wireless Bluetooth pairing. Even people who don’t have a cold on electronic devices can easily master the usage method, so it is a good gift. The choice is yo.

Download the Bose Connect app on your phone and you can pair two Revolve+ speakers at the same time, turning on stereo pairing and party mode.

Listening to songs while powering out, no longer afraid of low battery power
When using a Bluetooth speaker, have you experienced this experience: there are still a lot of power in the speaker, but the phone that plays music is dead. The biggest feature of this Beats speaker is the Beats Pill feature, which lasts for 12 hours, and once your device is in a hurry, you can use it to charge your phone or external music device. With the included Lightning Power Kit, you can charge it to full power in just 3 hours, and the music continues!

The versatile “b” button allows you to play, pause, cut songs and control calls with one click. At the same time, using two Beats Pill, you can make the two devices play the left and right channels separately, play the DJ effect, double the volume, and double the sound effect!


At present, there are many brands and types of Bluetooth speakers on the market. It is recommended that you first find out the characteristics of each speaker when you purchase it. If you want to browse the customer evaluation if necessary, or listen to the store, you can buy your favorite. Bluetooth speaker