Inside CES 2019: 5 Remarkable Highlights in Smart Home Market

The CES 2019 started in January 8th, Las Vegas Convention Center set the fundamental keynote for the year coming. Inside the carnival of technology, we picked 5 highlights of smart home market.

AI Assistant Friendly Devices

In the past 2 years, devices that support Alexa, Google Assistant or other voice assist have been put on the CES stage. In 2019, Amazon is planning to expand its influence and unveiled news of its Amazon Key service. Google followed up, by recruiting more 3rd party manufacturers to carry Google Assistant, and tripled its stage size in CES. The enclosure movement of AI assistant continues, to get as many home appliances involved as possible, including toilets, TVs, toys and personal care.

Home Security

Time to move on from 2018’s favorite, home security camera, to its successor – video doorbell. American smart home companies like Ring, Nest published new models of their video doorbells in the exhibition.

Besides video doorbell, people will see more high-resolution security cameras, with better internet-enabled functions and appearance. Drone-equipped home security, smart lock, advanced air/water condition monitors as well as total solutions also became the stars of the show.

New Smart Appliances

CES 2018 refreshed the definition of home appliance. Digital screens took over every place in your home. InstaView by LG installed a screen on refrigerator, and integrated Amazon Alexa. GE embedded the screen on the kitchen stove.

More traditional home appliance manufacturers joined the force to integrate internet/AI assist and our everyday appliances. Some renovations are quite practical, like the kitchen remote control system.

The most exciting part of this trend is not the hardware, but the fact that enterprises like Whirlpool and LG are working with dotcom companies including Yummly, SideChef and Innit. Apparently, consumers don’t need electronics that simply replace buttons and knobs with voice input. Market likes both hardware and software that can actually make your life easier.

Robot Nannies

Robots will always take a place when we talk about CES, at least before we live in the Matrix. By definition of robots – device(s) that complete a series of actions according to programmable languages, the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are also robots.

Smart oven that cook 3 dishes at one time, Dish-washer robots with face and wheel, smart vacuum cleaner, robot pets… The innovations may not be accepted by everyone in the near future but at least some can sprout and grown into big trees, like tablets and smart watches did.

Smart Beauty Care, Infant Care

Beauty and babies are 2 areas that we rarely think of when we talk about technology. In CES 2019, we saw more technologies for babies, like baby monitors, wearables for infants that track health conditions, smart breast pump, fertility tracker and food intake tracker.

As for smart beauty, brands like L’Oreal and Olay displayed their anti-wrinkle and sunscreen technologies. Smart mirror has been a blooming market for the past year and will continue to be the star in 2019.

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